Membership Level and Benefits

Benefits Promoter Contributor Adopter Developer
Participate as a steering committee member
Contribute IP’s to the specification and share license fee profit
Participate in working group
Early access to NICE services
Early access to specifications
Ability to make contribution to specification
Ability to license to copyright to specification suggestion
Ability to patent license to NICE Agent/Promoter
Access to update to revisions  ✓
Use of Member Forum  ✓
Use of conformance tools  ✓
Ability to build NICE conformant devices
Ability to build NICE app/service  ✓
Use of NICE logo  ✓
Membership Fee (*Annual) $10,000 $0

About Membership

Manufacturer (OEM/ODM) Adopter
Upon becoming an Adopter and paying the Annual Fee, a manufacturing adopter will be provided:

  • “Manufacturing Process Requirements” to allow the manufacturing adopter to self-test against Publicly Licensed Specification
  • Test Device Security Object Package which includes Test Specification and Test Device Security Object.

The royalties for the purchase of the Device Security Object shall be $0.25 per Device Security Object (“Device Security Object Royalty”). Device Security Objects.  Device Security Objects enable the Licensed Products to use the NICE Security and Services.

Seller (Brand Owner) Adopter
Seller Adopters may purchase Device Certificates.  Device Certificate are necessary for end users and applications to access the Licensed Products and data.  Device Certificates are generated under the direction of Agent and are generated uniquely per device for which a Device Security Object has been purchased. Without limiting any other provision of this Agreement, Adopter may not use the same Device Certificate in more than one individual unit or copy of any product or component for protecting user privacy purpose.

Seller Adopter shall pay Agent $0.25 per Licensed Product (“Certificate Fee”).  Upon payment, Agent will enable the Device Certificate and will publishes X.509 Certificate for Licensed Product, including a public key signed by NICE License Authority.

There is no membership or spec license fees for Developers.

How to become an Adopter, Developer and/or Contributor?
Please contact NICE Contact Office <>.

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