“i-PRO” a Global Leader of Advanced Sensing Company Joins NICE Alliance

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Consortium promotes safe and secure society forward with advanced AI-based demonstration experiments at docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA

TOKYO (Jul 19, 2023)

The Industry Leading Network of Intelligent Camera Ecosystem (NICE) Alliance today announces a new adopter and contributor, “i-PRO”, a global leader of advanced sensing technologies in the field of imaging.

Professionals who provide cutting-edge imaging, intelligence, and integration

i-PRO became independent from Panasonic in 2019, inheriting a long history of sensing technology and innovation of over 60 years. As professionals of cutting-edge imaging, intelligence, and integration, i-PRO has become a global leader of advanced sensing technologies in the fields of Intelligent Surveillance, Public Safety, and Medical Imaging.

Accelerating social implementation of innovative AI edge devices with open NICE Ecosystem

i-PRO aims to realize thorough “visualization” of information that was previously ungraspable, utilizing the capabilities of strong edge devices, backed by a long history of technological innovation and pursuit of quality cutting-edge image analysis technology and AI to build a safe and secure foundation from Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Service Industry, and Public Institutions. i-PRO adopted the open NICE standard to provide new value to a wide range of industries and society.

“Currently various image analysis services are available but have not yet been widespread due to issues such as accuracy and cost. We believe that i-PRO’s edge AI technology can solve such  problems. Through the open NICE Alliance, i-PRO will quickly realize the ecosystem of AI image analysis and together we will create a world of image utilization as the edge AI market expands.” Said Hideo Noguchi, Chief Technology Officer of i-PRO Co., Ltd.

ZUKEN ELMIC, already participating as a NICE contributor, has been involved in technical research from the time of NICE standard development, and provided the companies interested in NICE standard with engineering services that leverage wealth of knowledge and experience in NICE, IoT, smart camera, ONVIF and so on. In i-PRO’s adoption of NICE standard, ZUKEN ELMIC will support the implementation.

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with i-PRO for the implementation of NICE standard. To realize timely product delivery to market, it is essential to have a partner who is familiar with the standards and has extensive implementation experience. We believe that ZUKEN ELMIC’s engineering service will help i-PRO’s edge AI technology to be implemented rapidly and accurately on NICE ecosystem.” Said Joe Asakura, President of ZUKEN ELMIC,Inc.

Advanced 5G/AI Demonstration Experiments at docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA

”docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA” opened on June 8th, as a base station for ideas that connect people and technology. At the collaborative base with companies engaged in manufacturing and service development utilizing this latest communication environment, i-PRO will develop demonstration experiments of 5G/AI-based advanced technologies to solve problems in a wide range of industries by installing i-PRO’s NICE camera and NICE services.

NICE Alliance continues to develop and enhance the ecosystem, which will be open for all companies and interest groups who would like to participate as NICE members.

About NICE Alliance

Industry leading electronics manufacturers and brands Foxconn, Nikon, Scenera, Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Wistron formed the NICE Alliance, an innovative ecosystem standard for smart camera and AIoT markets, to provide an open data sharing platform based on image data and AI to enhance the synergistic effect of multi-brand, multi-camera and multi-service/application. 

URL: https://www.nicealliance.org/

About i-PRO

i-PRO Co., Ltd., is a global leader of advanced sensing technologies in the fields of Intelligent Surveillance, Public Safety, and Medical Imaging. Established in 2019, i-PRO was built on a legacy of over 60 years of innovation with Panasonic.

The company’s products, software and services extend human senses to capture moments of truth with innovations that inform and protect. In order to help create a safer world, i-PRO Co., Ltd., supports the work of professionals who protect and save lives.

URL: https://i-pro.com/corp/en/


 ZUKEN ELMIC provides engineering service with strengths in streaming technology related to internet distribution of video and audio such as RTP and ONVIF. For the customers planning to develop and promote the ecosystem and platform, ZUKEN ELMIC supports the development of the system which it is easier to spread, through the bridge development and the implementation support for new users.

URL: https://www.elwsc.co.jp/english-home/

About docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA

docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA offers 3 areas that can be used for various purposes such as coworking, events and presentations. With an open environment and the latest equipment that stimulates creativity, we promote new manufacturing through interaction between people and technology.

URL: https://docomo-openlab.jp/

NICE Contact Office <info@nicealliance.org>

Regional Promoter Contact
USA: Lydia You <lydia@scenera.net>
Greater China:  Willis P.H. Huang <willis.ph.huang@Rayprustech.com>
Japan: Yayoi Hayakawa <Yayoi.Hayakawa@sony.com>

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